welcome to the favour factory

We specialise in providing you with a wide range of personalised favour stickers made for all occasions as well as a fantastic range of favours including chocolates, favour boxes, favour bags and favour tins. 

Our favour kits are a popular choice, we offer eco-friendly glassine favour bags with our glossy stickers. They are easily filled with your own choice of sweets or mints.

Our luxury favour box kits include top quality white boxes, personalised glossy stickers and hand cut satin ribbons for that luxurious look when filled.

Our luxury popcorn bags are also eco-friendly, they are compostable bags and come with personalised glossy stickers, twist ties and hand cut satin ribbons.

Our eco-friendly glassine favour bags are a lovely party favour made for all occasions, they are perfect to give out all on their own or a fantastic personalised  party bag filler.  Our favour bag kits are priced at £3 for a pack of 12, only 25p each before filling with your own sweets or mints.

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Our personalised favour tins are another of our eco-friendly range of favours, they are re-usable and a lovely keepsake for your guests to take home. They are supplied empty and can be filled with mini sweets and mints. Why not fill with our own favour fillers from our sweets section!

biodegradable popcorn bags

Our popcorn kits are a lovely addition to party tables, party bags or as favours on their own. Our new bags are completely bio-degradable and can be composted.

handcrafted with love

Our kits are handcrafted; stickers are customised, satin ribbons are measured and hand cut to size ready for you to tie your bows.

show us your popcorn bags

We would love to see your finished bags!  Share with us your filled favour bags via facebook or instagram.

Our mini milk chocolate favours have always been a popular choice, they are a yummy mouthful of milk chocolate available wrapped in either silver or gold foil wrappers and personalised with our glossy stickers in your chosen design.  All of our chocolates co-ordinate with the rest of our favours and sticker ranges. Our chocolates are available from just 40 pieces priced at £12.00.

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Another eco-friendly product, our paper party bags are 100% recylable, we stock top quality kraft paper bags available in 8 different colours featuring personalised glossy jumbo 14cm stickers on the front of the bags.  Priced at £1 per party bag, with a small minimum order of only 10 bags.