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favour bags

Budget friendly favour bags supplied with glossy personalised stickers and made for all occasions.  The favour bags are recyclable and stickers are biodegradable should your guests want to dispose of after, however they are normally kept as a little keepsake of your special occasion.  Favour kits are sold in packs of 12 and are priced at £2.70, less than 23p each.

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personalised stickers

Specialising in designing and printing stickers for all occasions and events from baby showers to weddings.

Superior quality gloss finish stickers as standard for only £2.40 per A4 sheet of pre-cut stickers available as circle and square shapes in various sizes.

Please see the sticker chart page for help in choosing the right size for you.

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paper party bags

party bags

Our eco-friendly party bags are made from kraft paper, totally recyclable and bio-degradable.  Each party bag features a jumbo 14cm gloss finish sticker to the front.  Made for so many occasions including adult birthdays, kids parties, hen parties and baby showers.

party bags personalised

Party bags are priced from 90p for duplicated personalised details printed onto each bag.

Hen party bags are priced a £1.20. Made perfectly for bride to be, bridesmaids and maid of honours with their own name and titles printed and of course for all the named hens bags too.