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Unfortunately due to COVID-19, I fell within the industries that were hit the hardest, I have tried my hardest to keep the company going for the past year but I am sad to announce The Favour Factory Ltd is to close.

However, I am still working and have a new website where you can keep purchasing your stickers from me! I am currently building the website and it is being added to on a daily basis and have both my Ebay and Etsy shop.  I hope you will continue to purchase your stickers from me!


All orders received are still being processed as normal until the website shop is taken down.

Personalised Stickers And Favours

I specialise in personalised stickers, all the collections you see within my shop are designed and printed by me.  The stickers I use are gloss finish as standard and are of the highest quality.  Priced at only £2.40 per A4 sheet in your chosen size. I have many sizes to choose from in both circle and square.

I am able to provide business labelling too, perfect if you are small business looking for logo stickers or wax melt and candle suppliers needing the perfect look for your product labelling.  Take a look at the company I am partnered with supplying all their packaging labelling