Baby Shower Chocolates - Favour Stickers and Sweet Bags

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Personalised baby shower milk chocolate favours

A Great Baby Shower Idea

Personalised baby shower chocolates are a lovely extra touch to your celebrations. They are perfect for sweet bowls, scattering around your party tables or popped into party bags or favour pouches. Great for all ages to enjoy.

About the chocolates

These lovely baby shower milk chocolates are made by a UK Chocolatier.  They measure 3.5cm x 3.5cm and are commonly known as chocolate neapolitans or chocolate squares. They are wrapped in either silver or gold paper wrappers with a subtle star design. Available in packs of 10 priced at £3.00.

Personalised for you

The chocolates are personalised with glossy square stickers applied to the top of each chocolate, the underside features another small label detailing ingredients and allergy information for your guests.