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Stickers Information


The superior sticky labels/stickers used have a permanent adhesive backing, they stick to almost anything! They are professionally colour laser printed and have a high quality glossy finish. The labels are white but can be printed in any colour from the chart below. I currently do not sell clear labels due to the higher cost to purchase them.

All stickers are sold in sheets of A4, minimum order is only 1 sheet. Priced at £2.50 per sheet of stickers.

Circle Stickers

mini  3cm    diameter     48 stickers per sheet
small 3.5cm diameter    35 stickers per sheet
medium    4.5cm diameter 24 stickers per sheet
large 6cm    diameter 12 stickers per sheet
super 8.8cm diameter 6   stickers per sheet
jumbo 14cm  diameter 2   stickers per sheet

Square Stickers

small 4cm square 24 stickers per sheet
medium    5.5cm square          15 stickers per sheet
large 6.5cm square   12 stickers per sheet
super 8cm square 6   stickers per sheet


Sweet Bag Kits

disco bithday party favour sweet bags 2

These cute favour kits are a perfect budget friendly alternative to the normal table favours.

The bags are crystal clear cello bags, measuring 12cm in length and 9cm in width. Fill with any treats you like such as mint imperials, rock sweets, mini marshmallows, haribos etc.. Supplying them to you as kits allows you to be in control of the cost to finish your favours and keeps your postage costs down to a minimum.

  • Each bag features a self seal strip on the back (pull off the plastic strip and stick down) no glue/tape needed.
  • Simply fill your bags, seal at the back and apply your sticker to the front of the bags. Allow the bags to be as flat as possible to prevent the label creasing.
  • All my sticker designs are available as favour kits.

Favour Kits are sold in 12's only. This is due to the printing of the stickers in the large 6cm size, this prevents wastage. Each set of 12 kits are priced at £2.75.

Colour Chart

Please use this colour chart to help you decide on a suitable colour theme for your stickers/favour kits.