chocolate shop

Welcome to our chocolate shop, a delicious part of our website!  We have sourced the best chocolates for our favours. Our belgian milk chocolate hearts are available in 17 different colour foils. They are featured throughout our handcrafted favours. Our mini chocolate squares are sourced from our UK chocolatier and are available to purchase in bulk and are also featured throughout our favour ranges including our chocolate quad favours below!

personalised chocolate favours quads

Choc quads - handcrafted favours

foil heart milk chocolate favours

Belgian solid milk chocolate hearts in a 17 different colour foils to choose from.  Available from only 20 pieces at only 15p each!

mini milk chocolate favours

Mini milk chocolate neapolitan squares designed for all your occasions and events. Available from a low quantity of only 10 pieces.

mint chocolate favours

mint chocolates

Mint chocolates designed for all your occasions and events, the perfect after dinner chocolate. Available from low quantity of only 10 pieces.