chocolate shop

Welcome to our chocolate shop, a delicious page of our chocolate products all in one place.   Our milk chocolate square are our popular favour, they are priced at 30p each and are available in silver or gold wrappers, personalised with glossy stickers in a wide range of designs to choose from.

baby showers

Personalised baby shower milk chocolate favours


Personalised christening baptism milk chocolate favours

hen parties

Personalised hen party milk chocolates for party bags

chocolate quads

Chocolate quads are our handcrafted chocolate favour, they contain 4 milk chocolate squares with a clear bag, wrapped in either silver or gold foil papers. A square glossy personalised sticker is applied to the front in your chosen design.  The favour is finished off with metallic foil loop bow in either silver or gold.

Our chocolate quads are priced at £1.50 each. 

personalised handcrafted chocolate favours quads made for all occasions

adult birthdays

Personalised adult birthday handcrafted chocolate favours quads

baby showers

Personalised baby shower handcrafted chocolate favours quads


Personalised christening day chocolate favours quads

hen parties

Personalised hen party chocolates for party bags


personalised wedding favours handcrafted chocolate favours quads

holy communions

Personalised holy communion chocolate favours quads

childrens parties

Personalised childrens party chocolates favours quads


Personalised christmas day dinner party chocolates quads